What to do in Charleston, SC

There are several amazing and relevant activities to do in Charleston, SC. IF you’re attending the conference, you can enjoy this location after the panels or organize your own R and R time during the weekend.

Landmarks to visit:

  1. Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge (6.6 miles from Hotel,
  2. Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (0.9 miles from Hotel,
  3. Waterfront park (1.2 miles from Hotel,
  4. Marion Square (0.1 miles from hotel)
  5. Charleston City Hall (0.9 miles from hotel,
  6. Rainbow Rox (1.2 miles from hotel)
  7. Cathedral of St. Luke and St. Paul (0.5 miles from hotel,
  8. St. Philips church (0.8 miles from hotel)
  9. French Huguenot Church (0.9 miles from hotel)
  10. Magnolia Cemetery (2.7 miles from hotel,

Cultural Attractions

  1. Nathaniel Russell House Museum (1.1 miles from Hotel,
  2. Aiken-Rhett House (0.6 miles from Hotel,
  3. Theatre 99 (0.3 miles from hotel,
  4. Charleston Music Hall (0.2 miles from hotel,
  5. Calhoun Mansion (1.9 miles from hotel,
  6. Edmondston-Alston House (1.4 miles from hotel,
  7. Old Exchange & Provost Dungein (1.1 miles from hotel,
  8. Charleston Museum (0.4 miles from hotel,
  9. Old Slave Mart Museum (1.0 miles from hotel)
  10. Confederate Museum (0.6 miles from hotel,

General Activities

  1. South Carolina Aquarium (0.7 miles from hotel,
  2. Candlelight Ghost Tours (0.7 miles from Hotel,
  3. Walks in History (1.1 miles from hotel,
  4. Charleston in a Nutshell (0.4 miles from hotel,
  5. Adventure Harbor Tours (0.8 miles from hotel,

Nightlife and Restaurants

  1. The Gin Joint (1.0 miles from hotel,
  2. Rooftop at The Vendue (1.0 miles from hotel,
  3. High Wire Distilling Co. (0.8 miles from hotel,
  4. Palmetto Brewery (1.4 miles from hotel,
  5. Upper Deck Tavern (413 ft. from hotel)
  6. Mynt (0.1 miles from hotel,
  7. Boone’s Bar (492 ft. from hotel,
  8. Burns Alley (446 ft. from hotel,
  9. Social Wine Bar (1.0 miles from hotel,
  10. The Cocktail Club (0.3 miles from hotel,

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